Steve Cox, PGA Professional

Certified PGA Professional Instructor Steven Cox, is headquartered at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida. Known for demystifying golf mechanics through immersive technology, Steven delivers groundbreaking student improvement through swing visualization and advanced applied theory. Transferring knowledge to his students through kinesthetic learning is a hallmark of his instruction, along with patience and dedication. Steven combines programs from Titleist Performance Institute with the PGA of America – delivering advanced biomechanical programs. Biomechanics supported with technologically advanced HD cameras, 3D motion capture, and Trackman launch monitors ensures Steven’s students enjoy advanced progress in compressed timelines.

Your Exceptional Improvement comes from Exceptional Instruction. Elite Golf is a full spectrum academy with a revolutionary approach to teaching. Our visualization technology combined with applicable theory ensures you understand the changes we’re making to your swing are apparent. We’ll create lasting improvements to your game in an immersive, productive environment. Every minute you spend with us, is a minute of progression and measureable improvement. If you’re serious about your game, you deserve the best instruction available


One of the first aspects to making you an elite golfer is analyzing your swing. Like a handwritten signature, your swing is unique. You’ll have certain movement tendencies, hesitations and patterns I can identify through the world’s finest golf technology. I’ll use video swing analysis in super slow motion, weight transfer mapping by BodiTrak and comprehensive shot data with TrackMan along with my expertise to deconstruct and analyze your swing.


Understanding the ‘Why’ is critical in your golf swing. A golf swing happens very quickly in reality, so it can be challenging to understand how to implement micro-adjustments based on the analysis. Elite Golf instruction has exceptional technology to help you understand why your swing is having a specific impact on your shots. I’ll convey the data I analyze to you, in an applicable way.


One of the most challenging aspects of improving a golfer’s swing lies in the visualization of change. For years, golf instructors have used the human eye and countless repetitions for motor program learning. This is a proven method, but it’s very difficult to visualize from the golfer’s perspective and it takes a long time. I have technology available that puts you in a 3rd person view so you can actuallysee what you’re doing. The kinesthetic cues are combined with incredible multi-view visualization and understanding, so we can fix your swing imperfections quickly, with no frustration. The visualization process is simply an incredible way to exact revenge on swing inconsistency!


We’ll develop a custom practice plan just for you to ingrain swing improvements you have visualized. We will use our virtual, cloud-based Player Locker Room, so you can review lessons, upload video swing analysis and track your improvement. It’s easily accessible from your mobile device, and feature 2-way communication – so you can be connected to us, no matter where you are. You’ll actually enjoy practice, because you’ll understand why and how to improve. This is your roadmap to success.